Little Critters carry a variety of terrariums, which house various species, from your basic beginner leopard gecko to your more exotic chameleons. All of our reptiles are captive bred and are sold with a health guarantee.

Popular Starter Reptiles:

Leopard Gecko
Crested Gecko
Bearded Dragon
Corn Snake
Ball Python
Green Tree Frog

Find everything you need for your reptiles and amphibians:

Food for all species
Live Food – crickets, mealworms, silk worms, green hornworms, butter worms etc.
Frozen Food – mice and rat pinkies, fuzzies etc.
Terrariums – housing for all reptiles and amphibians
Accessories – lighting, heat lamps, heat rocks, etc.
Decorations – ornaments, rocks, plants, caves, shelters, backgrounds, etc.